They’re cruncy, tasty and absolutely delicious.? I wonder why they’re not sold in Singapore, the supposed “food heaven”.? Anyway my colleague at work just came back from Australia?after a business trip and bought this big pack of nougats and we’ve been feasting on them since the beginning of the week.? And uh, I regret to report that it’s only day 2 and it’s half gone.? Damn.

Someone should import nougats to Singapore.? They’re the best snacks EVER and us gluttonous Singaporeans have a right to have them at our doorsteps!

You know, this is probably not in line with my plan to lose weight so I really should curb my craving for those crunchy white sticks…? Oops, just popped another into my mouth.? Mmmmmm.

2 Responses to “Nougats”

  1. lizzie Says:

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    yum i get to eat those too…hee..thanks to some nifty smuggling by ty…:P

  2. Panda Says:

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    Can get in SG. I always buy them when I go to national skin centre. They have a health food corner. Got lots of different flavours one. Even got a Green Tea version. Damm nice ah.

    Then got the soft type, or the hard type… shiok. Yum.

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