working blues…

About 2 weeks ago, my immediate boss called me into her office on a Friday…and promptly informed me that the CEO had decreed that she would be attached to another subsidiary company for 3 months….I asked “when?” and she replied “the coming Monday”. Sheesh, that left me only 1 weekend to mentally prepare for the?onslaught of a very staggering workload: I was?to take over all her cases…which was close?to 30? 40 Maybe? And at that point in time, I was undertaking like 4? 4 measley easy peasy kinda cases.

Ok, I reasoned that it would be a good chance for me to prove myself…but it appears its much easier said than done. Right on the very first day, I screwed up some stuff for the meeting…sheesh…I fumbled while presenting the case and I spotted this mega calculation error (which I should have picked out if I wasn’t so strapped for time..) in the report, a copy of which was passed on to the CEO. I held my breath and prayed that he wouldn’t spot the tiny error…which at that point had become?so huge it was literally?glaring at me. He glossed through it. I heaved a sigh of relief. I was a wreck that morning.

?And now 2 weeks later, I’m multi-tasking like crazy; I don’t even have time to go to the pantry to refill my cup or go to the toilet; My phone is ringing non-stop; I come into office earlier and leave much later than I did for the past 1 year since I started work. Well, you must be wondering by now what kinda job am I doing. I’m a marketing exec at a developer firm. My company is local?but its a fat cash owns about 9 commercial buildings worth about 1 billion bucks….and I’m hardly getting a fraction of that…There are only 4 runners in my dept?and now that my boss is temp away, that leaves 3…to manage 7 of the 9 buildings. And i get to manage?the only 2?pairs of twins. Why twins? Well, cos they are twin towers…so thats 4 buildings..comprising a sprawling 1 million square feet of space…imagine that filled with tenants….and the problems that come with it.?

My job is simple: to renew the exisiting tenants, fill up the vacant space and of course, to manage the tenants, which by?far is the most tedious and frustrating. I get ALL kinds of tenants, from the?nicest to the nastiest.?I’m definitely honing my negotiation skills at this rate I’m going.?But grumbles aside, I have to admit I learn much more and much faster. I suppose when you are thrown into the deep sea without a buoy,?you just have to paddle harder?or think of some creative way to stay afloat, ie strip of that pants, tie the ends and start blowing. *WAAIILLLL* I miss my schooling days.

Its wed tomorrow. Mid week. I get to dance after 6 days of non-action (suffering withdrawal symptoms already) and best of all I get to see Tien Yew! Yay! :)

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