Hard Rock Cafe

I guess it’s been some time since both of us posted and the reason is that we’re both ultra busy, Liz (see post below) and I.? Yeap, I’ve actually been busy with NS work, after hours and all that.? But that’s over anyway, so here I am blogging at work.? Haha.

The past weeks have been quite tiring, but I’ve still found some time to go salsa.? Met up with Linus last last Thursday at Hard Rock Cafe and it just so happened that they were having a salsa performance there.? Unfortunately, due to that, we had to pay extra to dance there, which pissed Linus off a fair bit and he tried to argue his way out of it to no avail.? So we did the next best thing.? We stayed up on the second floor and watched the performance till the manager, I think, came to us and told us that we could enter for free.? So we just stood around waiting for the performance to start and mingling around with some of the Xen people who came to watch.

The performance was quite spectacular.? There were many stunts and tricks that seemed to require a great deal of brute strength but yet performed so easily and effortlessly.? It was beautiful to watch.? If I have one complaint, though, it’s that the whole performance (about an hour of it) was just stunts, albeit different ones?although I could spot one or two repeats.? But all in all, I enjoyed it although it was a pity lizzie wasn’t there to see it.? I think she would have enjoyed it immensely.

After that we danced till late and I had so much fun!? I tried out new improvised moves that really tested my lead and did so many lengthy shines?that I?basically just danced my heart out.? By 1 am I was totally exhausted but somehow I just kept going.? I danced till Hard Rock had to close and shared a cab with Harry home.? Certainly it was one of my better dance experiences, yet, it just wasn’t the same without lizzie around.? Well I hope she comes next time to experience the electricity of salsa in Hard Rock.

On a side note, I danced on 2 with almost everyone there and no one seemed to notice.? I wonder why that is.?

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