Pictures of UNSW and Darling Harbour

I couldn’t get to use the net much last night because the wireless signal kept going down so I couldn’t post the pictures.? But now I can!? So here are some pics of UNSW on a very quiet Saturday.

UNSW Sculpture Thingy
This is some pretty looking sculpture in front of some building whose name I’ll soon learn I hope in one of the few open spaces of the campus.

Notice the crow on the left side of the picture.? The crow really is quite far away and the only reason you can see it on this picture is because it’s HUGE!? Some kind of mutated bird, goodness.

Mutated Bird
That bird is the size of a cat!? Singaporean wildlife seems so tame…

Then I started taking pictures of some of the buildings in the uni, starting with the library:

Library Entrance
Entrance to the library.? It doesn’t look much but check out the next picture…

The Library
The entire library building.? Big, bleah.

So then I went down and took some pretty pictures of the quadrangle:

The little sign at the bottom says “No ball games”.? Ahem.

Clock Tower
There’s a clock tower in the university too.? And it’s a sundial!

Then of course there’s the Scientia that’s on every UNSW brochure…

The Scientia
The Scientia’s pretty, but there’s this weird sculpture thing just below it and I’ll call it the…

The Ball

Well, anyway after taking that long trek in UNSW, I went to Darling Harbour. But that wasn’t before we passed through Chinatown.? Which brings me to this – what’s with this obsession about going to Chinatown every time there is one in a foreign city…? It’s the same cheena stuff everywhere…? However, thankfully, I did find something interesting…

Like OMG KMT!!!? Yeah and if you look closely, it’s right above this shop called “Chinese Ginseng and Herbs Co”.

Yeap, and we got to see…

Chinese Gardens
Chinese Gardens…? But it was closed, so all we got to see were…

The Entrance
…the entrance and…

…the walls…

Darling harbour wasn’t all that interesting, really.? I mean, I was only interested enough to take 2 photos…

The Sign
The sign and…

Shopping Center
…the accompanying shopping center…

Yeap, so that was it.? Oh, I almost forgot…? While I was outside UNSW I smelt something really shitty, I looked around and guess what I found?


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