University of New South Wales

Its 1.00 am on Sunday morning/night and i’m still sitting here typing away on my new laptop….cos Ty has just got an email to inform him that he’s been accepted into medicine at the University of New South Wales! Finally he can heave a sigh of relief after all those agonizing months of interviews and tests…plus the nerve-wrecking months of waiting. =) And I’m so proud and so happy for him! The course would take about 6 years. I’ll leave him to blog on the details (I’m very sure he will soon) tomorrow. =) Congrats dearie!!?

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  1. Jack Says:

    Visit Jack


    My name is Jack and I am a student at the University of British Columbia in Canada. I am planning to go on exchange next year. University of NSW is one of my top choices to go on exchange.

    I was wondering if you can help me out with a few questions concerning UNSW.

    1)How much is the cost of living in UNSW,and in Australia in general?

    2)How was the housing provided and UNSW’s academic experience?

    3)How much was your budget per month?

    4)How did you finance your trip/study and is it possible to get a part-time job while in the Australia?

    I am blogging to see what other student think about Australia and if its a good decision to go on exhange.
    Thanks and you can contact me at

    Jack Hung

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