Moving House!!

The last time I moved house was when I was 12…and those memories were vague..probably because I didn’t carry many things then..:p Anyway, my family and I moved last Fri 15 September, from our 4th Storey walk-up apartment at Telok Kurau Lor L….to 2 lanes Lor M. Haha..albeit the short distance, the hassle of moving was not any lesser. There were so many things to pack it seemed never-ending. And when it finally did, we had a whooping 42 boxes of stuff..not to mention all our electronics like computers, recorders, speakers and other household appliances.

The movers came at 10am sharp and I must admit they were really professional. They wrapped?all our appliances like our fridge and mircrowave, in bubble wrap and plastic film. I was convinced that they should handle and move all our electronics as well. But my dad insisted we should carry those “sensitive” items ourself. We obliged, which later turned out to be our greatest mistake…because we were left with one whole room of these “sensitive” items which we had to lug ourselves when the movers had left…and going up and down 4 flights of stairs was no joke..esp when I’m lugging my huge speakers…

Worst of all, it rained cats and dogs that day, so the actual moving was only done way later at 3pm in the afternoon. The movers left at about 6pm and we continued on our own till like 9pm. By the time we returned to our new place (which was thankfully on the ground floor), my whole body was aching. But we still stayed up to unpack some boxes till 1am. I was beat.

Oh Yes, I forgot to mention that Ty is such a dear! He came down the next day and Monday to help me pack. Not to mention my dad was so pleased with him cos he connected all our electronics, ie TV, dvd players, hi-fi systems and all. I myself always get lost when I see that mass of wires…I dunno how ty can make sense out of it.

The major unpacking was done over the next 2 days and its amazing how much satisfaction we feel when we empty out box after box. By the end of Monday, the mess was starting to clear and the new house finally started looking like a home. Even till today, one week later, we are still re-arranging things, drilling holes to hang pictures and clearing more stuff. Moving house sure is hard work! Now I’m finally starting to settle in…my new room is much smaller than my old one, but its definitely much cosier. And I definitely got rid of lots of trash that I had accumulated over the last 12 years…:P

And my dad got a new 40-inch plasma TV…man I’m so going to watch Lord of the Rings on that…:P

5 Responses to “Moving House!!”

  1. Nig Says:

    Visit Nig

    I got the extended DVD LOTR version!!

  2. lizzie Says:

    Visit lizzie

    HAHA i also have!!! :P

  3. Nig Says:

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    LoL.. You moved to Lor M? Haha. Bigger house is it? Can cycle there loh..

  4. Panda Says:

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    LOTR? I got an extra copy of THE TWO TOWERS. ANybody want? =P

  5. lizzie Says:

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    Original?? extended version?? haha

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