“salsa high” is a blog authored by?Tien Yew and Elizabeth (lizzie) who are?very much in love with salsa, a hot and sexy dance hailing from Latin America.?

These pages will contain posts and articles about salsa and our experiences with it.? We love to write, so hopefully you will find lots of useful information with regards to salsa and its other associated dances and of course a glimpse into our lives.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, we’re together.


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    Hi, i just did my lasik with Dr Theng on the 10 june 2009 and can relate very well to what you just said. i too, had a very pleasant and unregrettable surg experience with Dr Theng right now, my vision is 6/6 and 6/7.5. on the L and R eye respectively. however, despite this theoretically perfect vision, my R eye seems to experience abit of blurred vision…blurred meaning that if i were to look at a black letter, the outline of the black letter isn’t that sharp. or when letters are written too closely, i dont see the contrast that between each letter that well. im wondering whether that is caused by the microflaps as you mentioned? cos even though i sleep with goggles on, my face rests on the side so inevitably, the goggles actually impact the lateral side of my eye (very slightly though). im glad to have come across your entry as i’ve experienced the same dry eye pattern which doesn’t seem to be the pattern of morning dryness that ppl experience. other than that, no other dryness too:) pls do reply me at baby_genius88@hotmail.com. thanks.

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